Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nice FDC. Thank you Khatuna !!

The Chang Zheng 4A. Thank you Pu !!

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The Long March 4A, also known as the Chang Zheng 4A, CZ-4A and LM-4A, sometimes misidentified as the Long March 4 due to the lack of any such designated rocket, was a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. It was launched from Launch Complex 1 at the Taiyuan satellite Launch Centre. It was a 3-stage rocket, used for two launches in 1988 and 1990. On its maiden flight, on 6 September 1988, it placed the FY-1A weather satellite into orbit. On its second, and final, flight it launched another weather satellite, FY-1B.

It was replaced by a derivative, the Long March 4B, which first flew in 1999 . The Long March 4B offers a more powerful third stage, and a larger payload fairing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nice cover from Georgia. Thanks Khatuna !!!

Nice cover from Georgia with Beijing 2008 complete set and Centenary of FIFA complete set.

The Centenary of FIFA set mentions four famous football players from Gerogia:

Boris Paichadze ( February 3, 1915 – October 9, 1990) was a renowned Gerogian footballer, who played for FC Dinamo Tbilisi.The largest stadium in Georgia, the Boris Paichadze Stadium in Tbilisi, is name after him.
Avtandil Nikolayevich Gogoberidze ( August 3, 1922 - November 20,1980) was a Soviet football player. He was a Grigory Fedotov Club member.
Mikheil Shalvovich Meskhi (12 January 1937 - 22 Aril 1991) was a Georgian footballer. Nicknamed the "Georgian Garrincha" for his dazzling wing play, Meskhi was a creative force on the left flank for the Soviet Union.
David Kipiani (November 18, 1951 - September 17, 2001) Was a famous Georgian football midfielder and manager. He played for FC Dinamo Tbilisi and Soviet Union National Team and also for a year for Lokomotiv Tbilsi.

National Aquatics Center. Thank you Pu !

Vancouver 2010 Postcard from Canada. Thank you Mardi !!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Postcard form URSS to Argentina.

Nice view of the Kremlin.

The postcard is postmarked 30-06-67. One of the stamps commemorate de Vostok 1 flight, the first human flight (Juri Gagarin).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nice cover from Fujeira to USA

On 9th May 1970 the Post Office of Fujeira issued a multicolored series of seven stamps depicting the achievements of the exploration of the Moon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Space Shuttle Columbia. Thank you Judy !

Against a hazy summer sky, the Space Shuttle Columbia hurtles into space atop a column of flame.

International Space Station. Thank you Judy !!

This digital image shows the International Space Station (ISS) passing over Florida. The completed station will be powered by almos an acre of solar panels and have a mass of almost one million pounds. The pressurised volume of the station will be roughly equivalent to the space inside two jumbo jets.

Apollo 15. Thank you Judy !!

An Apollo lunar module pilot, gives a military salute while standing beside the deployed U.S. flag during the Apollo 15 lunar surface extravehicular activity (EVA) at the Hadly-Apennine landing site. The Lunar Module "Falcon" is partially visible on the right.

Apollo 11. Nice postcard. Thank you Judy !!

This spectacular launch of the Apollo 11 / Saturn V rocket, from launch complex 39-A, sends the crew of Apollo 11 to the moon.

Space Shuttle Atlantis. Thank you Judy !!

The waters near Launch Pad 39B reflect the brilliant red and orange flames form the solid rocket boasters as Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts off on its mission to the International Space Station.

Space Shuttle Endeavour. Thank you Judy !!

Launch of The Space Shuttle Endeavor from launch pad 29B at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Space Shuttle Endeavour. Thank you Judy !

Twin columms of flame flow from the solid rocket boosters, lighting the billows of steam behind them with an orange glow, as the Space Shuttle Endeavour roars into space on its next mission.

Blazing into the night sky, the Space Shuttle Endeavour embarks on its next mission from Launch Pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

An Earth view from de Moon. Thank you Judy!!

The view from the Apollo 11 spacecraft shows the Earth rising above the Moon´s horizon. The lunar terrarin pictured is in the area of Smyth´s Sea on the near side. Coordinates of the center of the terrarin are 85 degrees east longitude and 2 degrees north.

Goddard Space Flight Center. Thank you Judy !

NASA´s global comunications system (NASCOM) is controlled from this area at Goddard Space Flight Center.

This is the operations control center for both of Goddard Space Flight Center´s tracking networks.