Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Chang Zheng 4A. Thank you Pu !!

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The Long March 4A, also known as the Chang Zheng 4A, CZ-4A and LM-4A, sometimes misidentified as the Long March 4 due to the lack of any such designated rocket, was a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. It was launched from Launch Complex 1 at the Taiyuan satellite Launch Centre. It was a 3-stage rocket, used for two launches in 1988 and 1990. On its maiden flight, on 6 September 1988, it placed the FY-1A weather satellite into orbit. On its second, and final, flight it launched another weather satellite, FY-1B.

It was replaced by a derivative, the Long March 4B, which first flew in 1999 . The Long March 4B offers a more powerful third stage, and a larger payload fairing.

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