Friday, June 12, 2009

My prefered postcard

This is an used postcard from the Panathinaiko Stadium, Athens. It is the only major stadium in the world built fully of white marble.

It is a very interesting postcard because, the sender mention something about "...the olympics games next year...".

The problem here is that the postmark is dated FEB - 14 - 1909 so, according to my research, the sender was referring to the Intercalated Olympic Games that had been planned for 1910.

In 1901, the IOC decided that each four years, between two Olympic Games, some Games were carried in Athens. After the succes of the Olympic Games of 1896, Athens was enthusiastic in carrying out new a Game, but it was a lot of pressure and work to carry out thes games each four years.

When the Games of Paris 1900 and St. Louis 1904 were completely darkened by the World´s Fair, Athens appeared like a salvation for the Olymplic Movement, for which the second play in Athens was organized in 1906.

Nevertheless, Athens decided that was not capable of organizing other Games for 1910 (due the Balcan´s conflict) and already for 1914 there was much less support to produce them. Finally, the First World War put an end to this idea. But eighty years later, the idea revived when was decided that the Olympic Games of Winter were carried out.

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